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Another view of the hills
I never get tired of views such as this. (Photo by heatharcadia)
Scenic 1431
A view of 1431 winding through the hills. (Photo by heatharcadia)
View of Lake Travis
This is one of the views of Lake Travis you get on the trails here. (Photo by heatharcadia)
Close up of the rattlesnake.
He was not happy. This was on the upper (open) section of Cactus Rocks trail. (Photo by wolf2600)
Rattlesnake on the Cactus Rock trail 29 Mar 2014
Almost stepped on this guy. Looked down, heard the rattle, jumped back as he coiled up. Decided to turn around and go back the way I came. (Photo by wolf2600)
View from Warbler Vista "Vista Knoll" Trail
A nice view from along Vista Knoll Trail (Photo by jeffyg)
The Cactus Rocks trailhead. Trail guides are available nearby. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Trail View
The Cactus Rock part of the trail follows along a ridge, just below some rimrock. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Here the trees all seem to be leaning in the same direction. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Open skies
Only the portions of the trail with a view a couple of others break out of the heavy vegetation. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The Vista Knoll portion of the trail tends to be rockier and a bit more challenging. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The loop trail almost encircles a small hill, providing views from many angles. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Lake Travis
Lake Travis can be seen in the distance, winding its way through the hillcountry. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The interpretive guide marker stones here are the best I've seen anywhere. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Towards Lago Vista
Look from the trail towards Lago Vista. FM 1431 can be seen cutting through the terrain. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Another Trail View
The trail opens up at the vista knoll and near the alternate trailhead. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Just past the trailhead
Just past the trailhead (Photo by Riff Raff)
Several birds of prey out
Several birds of prey out (Photo by Riff Raff)
Fancy interpretive markers
Fancy interpretive markers (Photo by Riff Raff)
Cactus Rocks Trail
Cactus Rocks Trail (Photo by Riff Raff)
Ridgeline Trail Start
Ridgeline Trail Start (Photo by Riff Raff)
Observation Deck Bridge
Observation Deck Bridge (Photo by Riff Raff)
Observation Deck View
Observation Deck View (Photo by Riff Raff)
Observation Deck Interior
Observation Deck Interior (Photo by Riff Raff)