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Mahomet Cemetery

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Bertram Burnet
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A Texas Historical Marker at this location reads:

This cemetery, with interments dating back to the 1850s, became a community graveyard for the Sycamore Springs and Mahomet rural communities. In 1909 J. W. Williams and J. W. and Nellie Greer deeded the cemetery property to the community of Mahomet. Among the hundreds of people buried here are many of the area's pioneer settlers and their descendants and veterans of wars ranging from the Mexican War (1846-1848) to the Vietnam War. Mahomet Cemetery remains active and is maintained by an association of descendants of people buried here. Sesquicentennial of Texas Statehood 1845 - 1995


Mahomet Cemetry Entrance The gate of the Mahomet Cemetery (Photo by Bing-GTX) Historical Marker The historical marker at the Mahomet Cemetery (Photo by Bing-GTX) Chapel The open air chapel at the Mahomet Cemetery (Photo by Bing-GTX)

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