Bing-GTX's Location Log Entries

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 Hanging By A Thread  2/27/2015  Geocache
 Party at the Moon Tower #5  12/26/2014 3.50Geocache
 Little Stacy  12/26/2014 3.50Geocache
 To Hot to cache - Great outdoors  12/22/2014 3.00Geocache
 Twenty years is a Very Good Thing!  12/11/2014 3.50Geocache
 HOMEMADE TREASURES  11/29/2014 4.00Geocache
 A HiDude Valentine #4 (You light my fire)  9/2/2014 3.00Geocache
 Vivi's Most eXcellent Park 'n' Grab  9/2/2014 4.00Geocache
 Os Mosetly A Road  8/25/2014 3.00Geocache
 Mario's Lookout  8/25/2014 3.50Geocache
 Two Words for Blue  2/20/2014 3.00Geocache
 Aviation at the Ranch  11/7/2013 3.50Geocache
 Kiln Cache  11/7/2013 3.50Geocache
 senna hills secret #2  10/31/2013 3.00Geocache
 Panda's Delight  10/22/2013 3.50Geocache
 Shock Box 1  10/22/2013 3.50Geocache
 Kernal Brandon  10/22/2013 3.00Geocache
 The Exit  4/1/2013 4.00Geocache
 Piece of Cake  4/1/2013 3.50Geocache
 Heppner Park Hideaway  3/25/2013 3.00Geocache
 Leg Godt  3/18/2013 3.00Geocache
 Bread Pudding Valentine (with a skirt on the side)  3/18/2013 3.00Geocache
 A Mom's Sacrifice #1: Ice Cream  2/18/2013 3.00Geocache
 Little Bit O' Luck  2/18/2013 3.00Geocache
 New York Yankees  2/18/2013 3.50Geocache